Germany, 2014
Season 1, Episodes 5-8

New German Film Company for
Bavarian Radio/ARD

Editor: Daniela Boehm (BR)
Executive Producer: Bettina Ricklefs (BR)
Producer: Nataly Kudiabor
Production Manager: Thomas Bretschneider
Junior Producer: Anna Neudert
Head writer: Fabian Hebestreit
Authors: Benjamin Karalic (episodes 5,7,8), Fabian Hebestreit (episode 6)
Director: Martin Busker
Camera: Tobias Platow, Yvonne Tratz
Editing: Eva Lopez Echegoyen
Music: Chris Bremus

Tina Amon Amonsen (Daisy)
Leonie Brandis (Carla)
Manuel Cortez (Antonio)
Monika Wegener (Tanja)
Roman Roth (Dr. Alex Noll)
Jutta Fastian (Dr. Helene Mertens)
Steffen Groth (Markus)
Martin Neuhaus (Adam)
Arnel Taci (Patrick)
Angelika Böttiger (Mrs. Krempe)
Peter Bulkowski (Dominik)
Anna Willecke (Becky)

Julia Sophie Mink (Mrs. Fuchs)
Mike Hoffmann (Vincent)
Daniela Preuß (Lena Leibfried)

Dating Daisy

A new dramedy in the heart of Berlin, which I had the pleasure of directing 4 episodes in the summer of 2014.

In her early 30s, Daisy suddenly finds herself unwillingly single. After 13 years, her husband Antonio has cheated on her with her new colleague Tanja from the clinic. Spontaneously, as the Berlin nurse Daisy is, she throws the unfaithful guy out of her life without further ado and decides to start all over again.

New beginnings, car accidents, collapsing house walls, lots of frogs, an ex-husband who pops up every now and then, and a prince charming: the full, plump, tear-jerkingly beautiful life awaits Daisy - and the viewers in autumn 2014 in the early evening programme of Ersten.

It was again a great collaboration with head writer Fabian Hebestreit, with whom I already had the pleasure of working on "Sturmfrei - Staffel 3". I also had the opportunity to work with NDF as a production company for the first time, which was a great new experience creatively and technically.

Set photos
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