Germany, 2015
Season 1 (4 episodes)

Warner Bros. ITP / HPR Picture & Sound
for WDR Television

Location: Cologne
Production format: HD Video (Alexa)

Editors: Karin Kuhn, Franziska Schmela, Corinna Liedtke, Claudia Bach
Producer: Sabine de Mardt
Producer: Jürgen Hepp
Production Manager: Michael Hahn
Producer: Katrin Voigt
HPR creative director: Jana Runde
Authors: René Förder, Stephan Pächer
Director: Martin Busker
Camera: Timm Lange
Editing: Götz Schuberth, Erwin Häcker
Music: Toshi Trebess, Achim Fischer (Trevista)
Theme song: Leonardo Mockridge
Costume design: Kerstin Westermann
Production design: Michaela Schumann
Sound: Peter Schumacher
Sound design: Andrew Mottl
Make-up: Susanne Woerle-Jiritano

Margie Kinsky (herself)
Bill Mockridge (himself)
Luke Mockridge (himself)
Jeremy Mockridge (himself)
Anna Stieblich (Petra Westphal)
Inga Lessmann (Nina)
Antje Mairich (Editor Nietz)
Ingmar Stadelmann (himself)
Jochen Busse (himself)
Laurenz Leky (director)
Lili Zahavi (assistant director)
Piet Fuchs (Jogger)
Phillip Schwarz (Lars-Lucas)
Nicola Rusz (Lena-Luise)
Leonardo Mockridge (himself)
Liam Mockridge (himself)
Matthew Mockridge (himself)
Nocholas Mockridge (himself)

The Mockridges

The six boys are out of the house and a new life is starting in Bonn-Endenich - at least that's what Bill Mockridge, stand-up comedian and "Lindenstraße" star, and his wife Margie Kinsky, also a stand-up comedian and model chaos mother, hope. In the fictional comedy series, the real-life Mockridge family shows that you can never really get rid of family. In the four episodes, TV and You Tube star Luke Mockridge first moves back home. This means that the new-found peace is soon gone, because Luke not only makes himself comfortable, but also brings his new flame with him, which does not go down well with his mother. Besides, Margie has other plans. But so does Bill. Margie's spontaneously planned tour of Germany and Bill's various visions for the future are difficult to reconcile - and with six sons, everything turns out differently than expected in the end anyway.

In the new WDR series, the Mockridge family plays their biggest role yet: themselves! The ensemble is completed by neighbour Petra, played by Anna Stieblich ("Türkisch für Anfänger"), and Luke's new girlfriend Nina (Inga Lessmann).

Set photos
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