Germany, 2011
7 x 7 minutes
Stereo 3D

teamWorx Television & Film GmbH
on behalf of ProSieben

A series by Fabian Hebestreit,
Martin Busker and Kathrin Tabler

Redaktion: Yvonne Weber
Produzenten: Kathrin Tabler,
Jochen Laube

Director: Martin Busker
Idea & Book: Fabian Hebestreit
VFX Superv.: Bastian Schreitling
Picture Design: Florian Langanke
Editing: Martin Busker
Casting: Kathrin Tabler
Music: Steven Schwalbe,
Tobias Wagner
Sound design: Andrew Mottl
Sound editor: Alex Rubin
Production Design: Kathrin Brösicke
Costume design: Emilie Kohler
Make-up: Marcela Barreto
Stereo Consultant: Martin Busker

Patrick Mölleken (Tom)
Kiara Brunken (Sina)
Lili Zahavi (Tamara/Witch)
Angelika Hart (Brigitte Gala)
Aaron Keller (David)
Gerrit Klein (Nico)
Dana Cebulla (Malefiz)
Nina Siewert (Maid)
Elena Jesse (Jenny)
Jockel Tschiersch (SW)



The teenage heroes of the mystery series GRIMMSBERG struggle in a small German town with the everyday problems that adolescents have nowadays - and against ancient mythical creatures that are wreaking havoc in the area.

The series was developed by author Fabian Hebestreit during his studies at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. Together with producer Kathrin Tabler and director Martin Busker, a further development into an innovative visual and content concept was created for the TV station ProSieben and the production company teamWorx Television & Film GmbH. The core of this concept is the focus on the Internet as an exploitation platform, as well as the exclusive studio production in front of a green screen in order to create an unmistakable and high-quality look despite the low budget. In addition, the use of stereoscopic technology made it possible to realise Germany's first 3D series. Here, Kathrin Tabler and Martin Busker were able to bring their experience from several film projects to bear, which made heavy use of VFX techniques. To everyone's surprise, "Grimmsberg" has now made the leap from the internet to television after all. ProSieben will broadcast all seven episodes of the mystery series on the Halloween weekend. On Saturday, 29.10.11, there will be a series special with the animated series "The Simpsons" starting at 8:15 p.m., with both shows alternating until 0:15. At the same time, all episodes will also be available in 3D on ProSieben's internet service. On Sunday night, ProSieben will broadcast all the episodes in 3D once again on TV. However, a 3D television is required for this programme, as ProSieben broadcasts in side-by-side mode.

Set photos
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