Germany, 2010
52 minutes

Film Academy Baden-Württemberg
in co-production with SWR, ARTE, BR

A Martin Busker Film
A Kathrin Tabler Production

Brigitte Dithard (SWR)
Sabine Brantus (ARTE)
Claudia Gladziejewski (BR)

Written and directed by: Martin Busker
Producer: Kathrin Tabler
Picture design: Florian Langanke
Editing: Wiebke Hofmann
Music: Steven Schwalbe,
Fabian Schmitt
Sound Superv.: Andrew Mottl,
Benjamin Simon
Sound Supervisor: Christian Wiechers
Production Design: Anna Weinkamm
VFX Superv.: Bastian Schreitling
Costume design: Emilie Kohler
Make-up design: Marcela Barreto
Project Management: Judith Schöll
Casting Erw. : Manolya Mutlu

Mohammes Aslan (Umut)
Lorenz Harder (Luka)
Tolga Tank (Serkan)
Hakan Kicir (Özkan)
Amar Mekacher, Christian Seitz,
Max Merkle, Mustafa Duman,
Turan Yildirim (Gang)
Kathrin Hildebrand (Mother)
Valérie Lillibeth (policewoman)
Gerhard Polacek (Policeman)
Walter Sittler (Porsche driver)
Claudia Möhle (Cashier)
Christiane Leyrer (Nurse)
Sabine Servinho (Saleswoman)

Prix Jeunesse International 2012
(Kategorie 12-15 Jahre)

Prix Jeunesse International 2012
(Prize of the International Children's Jury)

Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2011
(Special mention)

Roshd International Educational Film Festival, Tehran/Iran
(Golden Statue)

Golden Panda Awards 2011, Sichuan/China
(Best Screenplay)

Max Ophüls Prize, Saarbrücken 2011
(Section Medium-Length Films)

Golden Sparrow 2011
(Section Short Film, Series, Series)

Golden Sparrow 2011
(Section Best Actor, Presenter) - for Lorenz Harder

Film Time Kaufbeuren
(Audience Award)

Neisse Film Festival 2011
( Best Actor) - for Lorenz Harder and Mohammed Aslan

Karl Steinbuch Scholarship of the MFG Foundation

Half portions


At 12 years old, Turkish Umut already has a really big mouth. He wants to be a policeman or an agent. He thinks he's so cool and likes to risk a fat lip, because his police ambitions don't go down well with his big brother's gang. They would much rather have him steal mobile phones and rip people off. The 13-year-old Luka, on the other hand, lives isolated in a run-down social flat. He seems traumatised, is mute and can only make contact with the outside world with the help of a bizarre hand puppet. When he finds his mother dead, his world collapses. He runs straight into Umut's arms, who has chosen him as the victim of his first robbery. This chance encounter develops into an unusual friendship in which the two contrasting characters feel more and more how much they need each other. In the streets of Stuttgart, they both experience what is probably the most exciting day of their lives together, by the end of which they have grown up a good deal.

"Halbe Portionen" was made as my diploma film at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. I completed my studies in feature film directing with it in 2011. In my graduation film, I dealt with topics that I encountered while working in a youth centre in Cologne. In the socially deprived district of Mülheim, the children told me many stories that touched me deeply. Together with producer Kathrin Tabler, I developed the script for "Halbe Portionen" from these stories. The film combines dramatic themes with a refreshing story of friendship, using humour to take the viewer along on the journey. The film was shot in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. We cast more than three hundred boys for the roles of the two main actors. "Halbe Portionen" was awarded the Max Ophüls Prize and the Golden Sparrow, among others.

Set photos
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