Germany, 2008
30 minutes

Film Academy Baden-Württemberg
in co-production with BR

A Martin Busker Film
A Kathrin Tabler Production

Claudia Gladziejewski (BR)

Director: Martin Busker
Producer: Kathrin Tabler
Producer: Laura Müller
Script: Matthias Schmidt
Picture design: Florian Langanke
Editing: Kilian Schmid
Music: Steven Schwalbe,
sound engineer: Julian Peuker
Sound design: Marc Wesemann
Costume design: Emilie Kohler
Production design: Julia Croitoru
Make-up design: Anja Marks
Nicole Livaja
VFX Supervisor: Csaba Letay

Aaron Altaras (Jacob)
Jockel Tschiersch (H.W.)
Julia Koschitz (Karin)
Leonie Kienzle (Marion)
Katharina Meinecke (Mother)
Lucas Ellmer (Timo)
Michael Memmler (Daniel)
Sabine Servinho (Teacher)
Maatin Roth (Waiter)
Daniela D. König (Self)
Gerhard Polacek (Treasurer)

International SFV Festival Peking 2009
(Silver Award)

20th Short Film Festival de Cergy-Pontoise Paris 2010
(1st Jury Prize, Best Director)

Golden Sparrow 2009
(Screenplay Award of the MDR Broadcasting Council)

Highlights 2008
(Audience Award)

Wendland Shorts 2009
(Audience Award)

Caligari Sponsorship Award
of the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg

Karl Steinbuch Scholarship
of the MFG Foundation

Hell ride

"Dad is an asshole, the devil is a woman called Karin and my new wannabe sister has magic tits".

Jakob is 12 years old and sets out to ruin the first weekend together for his father, who has just divorced his mother. He wants to become a member of the club "Papas sind Arschlöcher - PSA" (Dads are Assholes - PSA), which his friends Timo and Daniel have founded. The admission ritual knows no exceptions - dads are to be scared away forever. So Jakob starts his campaign at the same time as his dad H.W. decides it's going to be the best weekend ever. When his new girlfriend Karin and her newly pubescent daughter Marion show up, the chaos seems perfect. Jakob gets closer to his goal faster than he would like and both father and son are soon to feel how much they actually need each other.

In "Höllenritt" I process my own childhood story around the divorce of my parents. Together with my author and then flatmate Matthias Schmidt - who had experienced pretty much the same thing as me - I set off on a comical journey into the past. We were particularly interested in the bizarre aspects of the many stories. We therefore decided that "Hell's Ride" should be a comedy that only reveals its tragic features over time. Together with producer Kathrin Tabler, we quickly developed a very refreshing and vital concept that has plenty of surprises in store, both dramaturgically and visually. We tell the story exclusively from the perspective of the 12-year-old boy and also visualise his fantasies and fears.

"Höllenritt" premiered at the Berlinale International Film Festival in 2009 and was awarded the Caligari Förderpreis, the Audience Award of the Highlights 2008, the Audience Award of the Wendland Shorts 2009, the Screenplay Award Goldener Spatz 2009, the Silver Award at the ISDVF Festival in Pekin, as well as the 1st Prize of the Film Festival Court-Métrage Etudiant Paris.

Set photos
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