Germany, 2005
5 minutes

Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

A Martin Busker Film

Director: Martin Busker
Editing: Bastian Schreitling
Camera: Martin Busker
Animation: Bastian Schreitling,
Martin Busker
VFX: Bastian Schreitling
Music: Jürgen Kramlofsky

Florian Kerber (Young Man)
Hubertus Grimm (Speaker)

Rating: Valuable 2006
Film Rating Office Wiesbaden


"Alles Scheisse" - That is the basic tone of this small experimental film from my first year of study. Together with Bastian Schreitling, who assisted me as a VFX artist and friend, I tried to express my helplessness at the beginning of my film career. In a night and fog action, shortly before the final concept deadline, we packed all emotions and thoughts into an inner monologue that impressed my professor the next day. So the long and unsuccessful search for the perfect subject, for the perfect idea, became the subject of the film itself. We then used various animation techniques in combination with real film to illustrate this monologue. In addition to 2D and 3D animation on the computer, we also used classic techniques such as stop trick, rotoscoping with pencil, animation and layering. The result could be seen for the first time in 2005 at the Hof Film Festival. After that, many other festivals screened the film and it was awarded the rating "Wertvoll". "Kopflastig" has been released on DVD for schools and institutions by Matthias Film.

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