Germany, 2019
TV series, 26 episodes a 30 minutes

Saxonia Media

as head writer

Producer: Yvonne Abele
Producer: Josefine Bohlken
Editors: Anke Lindemann, Nicole Schneider
Authors: Dana Bechtle-Bechtinger, Christin Burger, Jochen S. Franken, Luise Lindner, Max Honert, Marvin Machalet, Lydia Schuth, Melanie Waelde

Einstein Castle - Season 23

The TV series "Schloss Einstein", which has been broadcast continuously for more than 20 years, is now in its 23rd season and tells the adventures of growing up at the boarding school of the same name and the Albert Einstein High School in Erfurt. The 26 episodes follow a cast of about 18 young characters and 8-10 adults. Although the series uses elements of exaggeration in its storytelling, its core is oriented towards the conflicts of growing up. The target audience is 8-14 year old children and teenagers. The format is broadcast primarily on the ARD & ZDF children's channel, as well as on the third channels.

I have been hired as head writer for the 23rd season and am working with a team of writers on the storylines for the 26 episodes. Filming will start in May 2019.


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