Germany, 2012/2013
Season 2, 13 episodes
Season 3, 9+1 episodes

FeedMee Design GmbH on behalf of the Kinderkanal of ARD and ZDF

Location: Czech Republic, Prague and surroundings
Production format: HD video (ARRI Alexa)

Director: Martin Busker
Editors: Wolfgang Lünenschloß, Annekatrin Wächter, Anke Hirschel
Head writer: Fabian Hebestreit
Producer: Gerry Menschik
Creative Director: Anton Riedel
Production Management: Laura Giersdorf, Jennifer Feist
Production Management: Frank Horak (FeedMee), Solveigh Hardt (KiKa)
1st camera: Andres Marder (season 2), Timm Lange (season 3)
2nd camera: Timm Lange (season 2), Benjamin F. Wieg (season 3)
Editing: Götz Schuberth, Talayot von Cube, a.o.
Music: Trevista - Toshi Trebess, Achim Fischer
Production design: Tomás Svoboda
Costume design: Lena Tajerová
Make-up: Tereza Patocková
Sound editor: Robert Dufek
Sound design: Andrew Mottl

Katharina Wolfert (Lea)
Fanni Pantförder (Nelli)
Citizen Lars Dietrich (Lars)
Nick Julius Schuck (Paul)
Lukas Sperber (Finn)
Gregor Bauer (Josha)
Milena Tscharntke (Kim)
Daniela Preuß (Mrs Riedel)

Storm free

Sturmfrei is a German television series for children and young people that tells a broad spectrum of themes from the world of experience of the protagonist Lea. In season 3, told in 10 episodes of 15 minutes each, Lea takes us on her adventures in the life of a girl who is no longer a child but not quite an adult either. First love, the first pimple and the question of the meaning of it all occupy her and us viewers in a genre mix of comedy and coming-of-age. In addition to Lea, her best friend Nelli, her annoying brother Paul, her two boys Finn and Josha and her teacher Mrs. Riedel, citizen Lars Dietrich mixes up the format as a crazy uncle. Lively dialogue, a subjective narrative perspective and an unusual visual concept make "Sturmfrei" unmistakable in German youth television.

Also in the third season, Lea's life feels like a chaos roller coaster. While the love of her life, Finn, had largely overlooked her until now, he is now openly courting her. However, Finn's bandmate Josha has also fallen in love with Lea, which leads to all kinds of disagreements in the band. And Lea is in a state of emotional chaos. How should she decide? With this question, even Lea's best friend Nelli, who usually always has an answer ready, reaches her limits. When Lars' beloved, Lea's teacher Mrs. Riedel, also falls victim to a burst water pipe and moves in with the Dietrichs, the storm-free family chaos is perfect.

Set photos
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