Germany, 2019
Feature film

H&V Entertainment
in co-production with SWR Television

in Verlein by NFP* marketing & distribution

Filming location: Besigheim
Production format: HD Video (Red Epic)

Producer: Kathrin Tabler
Editing: Stefanie Groß
Authors: Fabian Hebestreit, Martin Busker
Director: Martin Busker
Camera: Martin L. Ludwig
Production management: Annette Schilling
Production management: Andrea Wetzel
Casting: Dorothee Weyers
Lighting Supervisor: Timon Dangel
grip: Jim Kernjak
Costume design: Tanja Gierich
Make-up: Carmen Diehl, Eva Schubert
Production design: Angelika Dufft
Sound: Steffen Graubaum
Catering: Martin Sickenberg
Editing: Kilian Schmid
Music: Steven Schwalbe, Justin Michael La Vallee
Sound postproduction: Tom Weber, Andreas Mühlschlegel
Colourist: Claudia Gittel
Hymnus Choir: Rainer Homburg, Emanuel Scobel

Mert Dincer (Zoro)
Andrea Sawatzki (Mrs Lehmann)
Laurids Schürmann (Julian)
Hadi Khanjanpour (Zamir)
Robert Kuchenbuch (Achim)
Michael Benthin (Pastor)
Christine Prayon (Angry Citizen)
Elmira Rafizadeh (Masal)
Batoul Haswani (Zeynap)
Hebetullah Altahan (Shafia)
Yussuf Mahat (Abdi)
Levin Alin (Hozan)
Lorenzo Tisti (Arles)
Amin Biemnet Haile (Moroccan)
Leander Zaiser (Marco)
Lukas Hupfeld (Ralph)
Hede Beck (Angry Citizen)
Hassan Lazouane (Imam)
Sabine Servinho-Lohmann (Youth Welfare Office)
Claudia Möhle (Volunteer)

Zoros Solo

The film is about a 13-year-old refugee boy who has only one goal: to help his father, who got stuck on the run in Hungary, get to Germany. But Zoro does not manage to raise enough money for the smugglers and threatens to fail. Unexpectedly, the tide turns when Zoro learns that the boys' choir of the local church will soon be travelling to Hungary for a big concert - by bus. This is Zoro's chance! All he has to do is disguise himself as a stuffy choirboy, go along for the ride and the smuggling would be as good as perfect. But first he has to get past the strict choir director, Mrs Lehmann, who has a thorn in her side about migrants - and this one in particular.

The script for the film was written in collaboration between Fabian Hebestreit and Martin Busker. The producer is Kathrin Tabler of H&V Entertainment. Filming took place in Besigheim near Stuttgart in September 2018. The film was made as part of SWR Fernsehen's "Debüt im Dritten" series and will be released theatrically by distributor NFP* marketing & distribution. The film is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2019.

Cinema poster "Zoro's Solo
Set photos